Sitting room redo

I redid this small sitting area at work as a vintage western library, to fit into the Nursing homes western theme, so the nursing home residents would have a fun colorful place to sit and read or write letters to loved ones, and staff could sit to do paperwork or enjoy a quiet break. 

 For fun I painted the walls pale purple to add some zest in an otherwise
 somewhat unzestfilled existance! 
I found tall table legs to replace the short coffee table legs, 
for a library desk,
 for which I built a bookshelf hutch out of old window shutters.

I painted the room freshener to look like a cowboy hat hanging on the wall.

I painted Trompe l oeil books, picture, mail slots, vase, and potted plant as fillers.

 On the desktop I painted a dear John letter with a feather quill pen and ink well.

I painted the emergency exit door
 to similate the library door, as if inside looking out into the old western town 

I built a tall bookshelf with four old shutters 

 and painted books... 

and potted cactus

 beside the library desk I painted a fun globe to fill empty space

and I painted a trompe l oeil tuxedo cat on a shelf...  

beside the door I painted a faux grandfather clock adjoining the wall clock

and removed the clock face to paint this fun grandfather clock face... 

I added faux leather cousion, two leather straps, and four porch post finials for feet, 
to make the footstool out of an old vintage samsonite suitcase 

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