Odd Eye and Swallowtail

I am a self taught native Texan artist. Since I paint cats O.K., I get lots of commissions to paint purrrry pets. I often incorporate funny hidden meanings, that to me, are significant, tho others may not  notice. Painting is my way of silently expressing myself, in hopes of bringing more smiles to the world. I painted this picture of an "Odd Eye"Persian cat... after someone was rude to my son, Matthew, at work... for looking different.(He has a rare birth defect called EA - esophageal atresia, so his neck is scarred, and after eating he often has a bulge in his neck, as big an apple, since food goes down to his stomach very slowly) Sometimes, something may look odd, but that doesn't mean it isn't beautiful as well. My son included!lol Even a beautiful butterfly is odd when it starts out as a worm!

Matthew actually smiles a lot... this is him.. 
trying to look grown up... and like he isn't a jokster!

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